Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Well, it's been forever since we put anything on our blog. Probably almost 2 years. We have a new home in Kaysville, Utah. Daniel will be starting kindergarten this fall and is excited for that. Liz enjoys preschool right now and is always happy to help and changes her clothes at least 8 times per day.

Our biggest news of all, though, is that we have new addition to our family. Wyatt was born on April 27, 2011. This may be a surprise to some since we haven't seen many of our friends for quite some time. He's a cute little guy and Daniel and Liz love him so much!! We're trying to help him figure out his nights and days so we can all enjoy a little more sleep. We're so excited to have him in our family!!

Nicole is feeling much better than she did with either of the other 2 c-sections, and we're very thankful for that.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Months Keep Rolling By Lots has Happened In Our Lives

Well I last Posted in October. So For Halloween I was a funny looking person. I just wore some weird clothes and a wig it was fun. Matt went as Clark Kent (Superman). Daniel was a Fireman again this year and Liz was a Bumblebee again also this year. Costumes were not difficult this year. We had lots of fun trick or treating and visiting with family. Matt went to the Utah vs. Wyoming game which was also the black out game. I don't think I will be taking the children trick or treating alone ever again, game or no game.

November: We celebrated my 28th birthday! I can't believe how time is flying by. We had Thanksgiving at my sisters home which was so much fun. Then off to my grandparents. And to end the night back to Matt's parents home. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Before Thanksgiving I was in a biggest loser competition to lose weight and it went well. I lost 10 lbs! I was so proud of myself. Did I mention that was before Thanksgiving! No I really have done well to maintain the weight lose.

December: What a wonderful time of year. So much fun decorating. I was hoping we would be in a home by Christmas but things did not work out for this Christmas. So my mother in law was so nice and let us put up our own tree and we got out our decorations also. It was so nice to finally be able to decorate a regular size tree. Every year since we have been married we have had this tiny tree about 18 inches tall. All the decorations to hang on it started to collapse the tree and timber it was on its side. So we had to use small and light weight ornaments. This year was different we could use the heavy ornaments also. All of Matt's siblings came home for Christmas this year and it was so much fun to see everyone and have all the cousins play together. It was a wonderful Christmas. Well we put an offer on a home in Bountiful and will close on February 5th just 1 mile from Matt's work. We are excited

January: A new year. Well the inspection went well on the home just some minor things to take care of. Finally we will be home owners. Well we got some exciting news on January 9th and found out we were expecting our 3 child. Well now we have some disappointing news the METH test came back positive on the home in Bountiful and so we have pulled our offer and now we are back to square one. We could not beleive it. It was a wonderful home. The family living there was told by there agent why we pulled our offer and that family had no idea METH was in there home and has now moved out. We are so grateful we had it tested. We found out at 10pm at night it tested positive and I told Matt I don't know if I want to scream or punch the wall. We were so upset and exhausted at looking at homes. We will find the home we are suppose to be in. Excited and nervous as we still have no home and now another baby on the way we really have to start pushing the home search again.

February: So went into the Doctors in February and explained my pain that I started having in November before I was even pregnant, my OB decided to have me go in and have an ultrasound done. So I went in at 7 weeks to have the ultrasound and found out there was no heart beat. Shocked as could be as this was not even what were thinking would have been discovered. The ultrasound tech was done checking other things and asked if I would like to see the heart beat and I said sure. So it turned into an emotional day. I went back to my OB's office and they took some blood. So this continued for a couple weeks taking blood and going in for ultra sounds. It turned out that the chromosomes did not come together completely and I also had a blood clot next to the baby and if I did not have a miscarriage now I would further along. So through lots of prayers, thought, and tests also seeking a second opinion from another Dr. it was decided to go in for a D&C procedure to remove the blood clot and tissue. So I scheduled this for Wednesday February 10th. I went to pick Daniel up from school the Monday before this and he had fallen off the slide. He was standing by his teacher crying when I got there and they explained what happened. We went home iced his arm and gave him some medicine. Well later that night his elbow was still puffy so we took him to kids care and they took an Xray. We found out his wrist was for sure fractured and we have to wait on the results of his elbow. So he was in a temporary cast when we left that night from kids care. So when it rains it poors sometimes. So I went in for my procedure and everything went well. I went to LDS hospital and it was wonderful. I also ran in to some friends who work at the hospital from the University Village they will soon will be heading off to medical school. It is always nice to see someone you know. My mom went with me and stayed the entire time. Matt went to help in Daniel's class. Daniel had been waiting a month for Matt to go and help in his class and this day was there Valentines day. So it was important that Matt go with Daniel. My family was so wonderful with watching kids and taking care of me. I really appreciate everyones help. We couldn't have made it with out comforting words from friends and family. We love you all. Well great news now. We found a home in Kaysville and will close on this home on March 5th. Wish us luck!!! We will need it. We had a wonderful Valentines today also. Matt and his brother Mark made dinner for all the gals. It was wonderful. Thank you guys.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still Looking For A Home/Went to Pennsylvania

I did not bring our cord to download the pictures but I will post them later.
Ok I have been terrible in keeping up the blog after my promise to keep in going. Lots has happened. Liz turned 2 years old in July that was so much fun, we had a birthday party with her cousin Zack they were born on the same day and year so we call them the twins they have actually celebrated every birthday so far together. They are so cute to watch together. Then we had Daniel's birth day in September he is now 4 yrs old. I can't beleive we have a 4 year old. The time just passes by.
It was so nice to get together with some "Village Friends" thanks Haas for hosting and having us come to your home. It was so good to get together and talk about life and watch the kids play. Hopefully we can see everyone next time we missed you all that could not come.
We are still looking for a home. We are going to really get busy these next two weeks with looking though. Utah weather is getting very cold and I really don't want to move in Winter time with snow all around. We will see where we land.
We took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit Matt's sisters family they live in King of Prussia. We have had a wonderful time. We leave tomorrow and wish we could stay longer. It is so much fun to watch the cousins play together and get to know each other. We went to Lancaster and WOW!
This place is Heaven on Earth. I am not kidding. You must visit this place before you pass from this earth. It is so peaceful and to see the way of life that the Amish have is amazing to me. I will come back again. We went to Valley Forge in between conference on Sunday and toured George Washingtons home there. That is such an amazing place as well. The structure is original and the banister is also so you can actually say you have touched the same hand rail that George Washington touched. (as well as a million other people, make sure to wash your hands) History is so great! If you live back East make sure and take advantage of all the wonderful things there are to see you are so close to so many National Treasures! I have told Matt to look for a job out here and then I found out about the TICKS.... that kind of scared me but that would be manageable. Well I wish we could have seen our friends that live in Hershey P.A. Hello McIntyres! but that will be next trip. I am coming back out here, I am planning the next trip.
Life is great. I hope everyone is doing well. I will post pictures tomorrow when we get home.
Love you all

Monday, June 29, 2009

I am Alive! Life has been crazy............

Ok, sorry to anyone that still reads this blog or checks up on it to see how things are going, we have been terrible in updating it. I promise from now on to update once a week or more often if there is an event in our lives. Right now things are kind of crazy. We moved from the village at the University of Utah where we had lived for 6 years. I know long time but we are so glad that Matt is done with school Forever!! He graduated on May 8, 2009 with his Masters of Business Administration MBA. And we were planning on staying in the village until August until they decided to shut our building down. Yes the entire place was falling apart. My foot even went through the second level walk way. So everyone has to vacate by June 30th, so we moved on June 11th and instead of going to another building and cleaning twice when we would have to leave by August, Matt's parents are letting us stay in there home until we find a home. There is home is the Chandler Bed and Breakfast and so many have stayed at there home, we are so grateful to be staying with them and hopefully they won't get too sick of us. We wer sad to leave the village this was truly our first home and we started our family here. It was a wonderful place and we have met some amazing people who are our friends forever and I hope to stay in contact with everyone. We loved it all. Now we are house hunting and sometimes it is fun and other times it gives me a headache. We will find our house out there. Life is good. Matt is working in Bountiful and loves it. I am working from home and being a mom. Life is great, Moving was not fun I found tons of junk and do not want to move for a little bit but know we will. My sister Natalie had her baby and his name is Carter, he is so cute! I love holding him.

Monday, March 23, 2009

So, Nicole decided to start this blog and then didn't have an answer when I asked her who would keep it up and running. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm going to be the first to add something here.

As you can see (since you are here), our blog is called Never Ending Sports. I can't help but think that Nicole did this partly out of spite for the way that I spend my spare time (which doesn't exist, really).

In celebration of our new blog, I have to post in honor of the greatest time of year. Yeah, guys, you know what I'm talking about. We are neck deep in March Madness, and I have loved every minute of it.

For those not involved, I have to ask, "Do you live under a rock?" Seriously, wake up and enjoy life a little. Fill out a bracket, watch some games (I may suggest 5-12 or 4-13 games), scream at your tv, and get mad because the team that should have killed the other team just got slaughtered.

As for our family, we are into a little March Madness of our own. I will be finishing my MBA in exactly 3 days and I can hardly wait to be done. What will I do with all of my extra time? Golf, of course!! Nicole actually suggested that I join a men's league so that I can make sure that I get my time in on the course. What a SWEETHEART!!

Well, I hope I didn't bore you with my experimental post. I'm not sure how often I'll be on here, but I'm sure Nicole will have me write from time to time to make sure that I do my fair share.

For now, enjoy March Madness.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


My sister Stephanie has been bugging me FOREVER on starting a blog. So, here it is! Yep, it is official, I am now a blogger. I hope this is not my ONLY post. I will e-mail every one and let them know that I am up and running. Please pass this information on to those you may think might read it. I will post pictures soon.
All the titles we wanted were taken, so it still may change :)
Wish Me Luck!